It’s always great to see old friends within the wrestling business hanging out and catching up, and it’s even better when they do so in front of a recording device of some sort.

That’s what we’re going to get to hear tomorrow when Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast returns once again with one of the most intriguing guests he could possibly have at this stage: All Elite Wrestling’s Jim Ross.

Steve hasn’t been shy when it comes to getting AEW exclusives, as he also recently spoke to the one and only Tony Khan. Now, many fans are questioning what kind of show it’s going to be as JR prepares to go in-depth about his time with the new promotion.

A lot of fans have commented on how revitalised Jim looks ever since making the jump to AEW, and it’ll be interesting to hear his perspective on that – as well as a number of other topics.


JR was a WWE guy for so long that it’s almost odd to think that he’s on the opposite side of the playing field, especially given how much momentum All Elite Wrestling has built up for itself. In this podcast, we’ll be fascinated to see whether or not he decides to take any kind of shot at his former employers – kind of like he did recently in regards to the Kane fire angle that he went through back in the day.

One thing is for sure: there are going to be some big talking points coming out of this one.

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