Booker T was previously promoted for Starrcast III, but then last week he had to be pulled from the event. This was reportedly move on WWE’s part to yank the two time WWE Hall Of Famer from the fan convention so closely associated with AEW. However, Booker T has another story.

He got to set the record straight on his Hall Of Fame podcast where Booker claims that he only agreed to do an autograph signing. He didn’t know it was Starrcast on August 31st in Chicago. Therefore, he claims that it had nothing to do with WWE not letting him work the event because of AEW.

Conrad, he texted me a date that he wanted me to do an autograph signing. That autograph signing was August 31st. That date was in Chicago, he told me all of that, but what he didn’t tell me was it Starrcast. I didn’t know it was Starrcast. I didn’t find out it was Starrcast until Brad, you texted me and said, ‘Book, are you doing Starrcast?’ I said, ‘No, I’m not doing Starrcast’. ‘Well, they’re advertising you’. Immediately, I put a tweet out saying I wasn’t gonna be doing Starrcast just because I did not know that the Conrad booking was Starrcast because he did not say that it was Starrcast. He said it was an autograph signing. Now me pulling out, and my reasoning why was because I said I wasn’t gonna do Starrcast. I thought it should have been over with at that point but it seemed like the story kept getting bigger and bigger.”

According to Booker T, Conrad Thompson didn’t tell him that he was being booked for Starrcast III. Therefore, once he realized that it was Starrcast, that changed things.


We’ll have to wait and see if there are any more developments in this story. Until then, we might need to believe Booker T about this one.

Thanks to Fightful for the quote

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