WWE Raw Results – July 8, 2019

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We see Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre backstage, trying to convince a small guy backstage who works in the arena to be Roman’s partner.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring and says he wants to keep it short and sweet. He did one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do a month ago: surrender the title. He said the doctors told him he wouldn’t be back for a long time but he rehabbed hard, night and day, and he beat the doctor’s timeline. So he’s back and ready to compete and that’s why he’s issuing an open challenge.

Rey Mysterio Vs. Bobby Lashley

Mysterio attacks Lashley before the bell can even ring. Bobby shoves him off but Rey comes back and continues a high pace beating. Rey hits the 619 and looks for the splash but Lashley catches him with a slam. Lashley then hits the Spear and that’s that.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, Lashley tosses Rey out of the ring like a lawn dart. He then drags Mysterio up the ramp by the fake hair on his mask. Lashley lifts Rey above his head and threatens to throw him into the LED stage but officials come out and beg him to stop, so he throws Rey onto them. Lashley grabs a microphone from the announce table and says last week he was the only man to get back up, and on Sunday he will be the last man standing.

*Commercial Break*

We see AJ Styles, Anderson and Gallows walking backstage and they’re stopped by Charly Caruso. She asks why they attacked Ricochet after the match last week and AJ tells her to get out of his face.

During his entrance, Cesaro walked up to the conga line and they ran off. Jose attacks Cesaro before the bell. He tosses Cesaro into the barricade before putting him in the ring.

No Way Jose Vs. Cesaro

The bell rings, and Jose hits a back body drop. Jose punches away at Cesaro, but Cesaro quickly comes back with an uppercut. Cesaro uppercuts away at him in the corner and hits a deadlift gutwrench suplex. Cesaro does the Cesaro Swing and turns it into a Sharpshooter, forcing Jose to tap. I guess Cesaro has a new finisher, and I like it.

Winner: cesaro

We see the Street Profit sitting backstage. Montez Ford says you should never cross Cesaro because you could end up in the upside down. They pitch Extreme Rules on the WWE Network. They say that on Sunday, Roman and Undertaker will be digging holes and taking souls. That is, if Roman can make it to Sunday.

*Commercial Break*

We see Mike and Maria Kanellis sitting backstage. He’s giving her flowers and apologising. She says she loves him and he says he loves her more. She says she loves ice cream even more than him, as well as pickles, and he says he’ll run to get it. She yells at him until he leaves.

We get a split-screen interview with Nikki Cross and Bayley. Cross will be taking part in the Beat The Clock Challenge tonight, in Alexa Bliss’ stead, and the winner of the Challenge gets to choose the stipulation. Cole asks Nikki if she is nervous and she says yes, the weight of the world is on her shoulders because Alexa has done so much for her. Bayley laughs and asks how she can’t see that Alexa is using her. Nikki gets angry and says she’s tired of Bayley running down Alexa each week. Cole interrupts them and announces they will be facing Dana Brooke and Sarah Logan. They both say it will be hard but they will win.

The Viking Raiders are shown in a hallway backstage, bathed in red light. They’ll be in action next.

*Commercial Break*

We see Truth and Carmella backstage, looking in production boxes for Drake Maverick. They’re looking in the smallest places possible. He says he needs his baby back; he’s nervous that Maverick isn’t feeding her or is showing her horror movies. He starts to rhyme but Maverick runs past, followed by all the others. He lifts Carmella onto his back and runs the opposite way.

The Viking Raiders Vs. Colin & Devin Justin

Erik starts the match against Justin and hits him with a German suplex. Devin tags himself in but is lifted up and hit with a backbreaker. Erik tags Ivar before hitting a powerbomb.

Ivar hits a splash and pins Devin but stops the referee’s count. Erik is tagged again and he lifts one into a powerslam position and the other in a powerbomb and slams both at the same time. They hit the Viking Experience for the win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Drake Maverick comes running into the ring, followed by the others, and slides right back out but the Raiders attack the other Superstars. Truth runs in and they stare him down, so he leaves the ring and runs off through the crowd with Carmella.

After the break, Ricochet will face Luke Gallows.

*Commercial Break*

Roman Reigns is standing backstage when Charly Caruso comes up to him for an interview. She asks about Shane McMahon’s team playing mind games, to which Reigns says the only team playing mind games is his team.

Ricochet makes his way to the ring and says last week took the biggest beating of his life. And this Sunday he will have to face AJ Styles but he knows tonight he won’t just be facing Luke Gallows, but all three men. So, he’ll just have to beat all three men.

The Club make their way down to the ring. AJ says here in WWE things move quickly. So he reckons Ricochet should slow down and appreciate the moment, because Gallows is going to stomp a mudhole in him. And talk about appreciating moments, they should take a look at what happened last week, so we see a replay.

Luke Gallows W/AJ Styles & Karl Anderson Vs. Ricochet

The match gets underway and Ricochet unloads on Gallows, forcing him to the corner. Ricochet leaps from the ropes but Gallows catches him and hits a huge chokeslam for a two count. Ricochet tries to fire back with some right hands but gets booted down. Gallows drops some elbows on Ricochet, then applies a headlock.

Ricochet climbs to his feet but is clobbered with a forearm. Gallows headbutts Ricochet, then kicks him in the corner. Ricochet fights back but has his head taken off with a clothesline. Gallows lifts Ricochet but gets rolled-up and the Champion wins!

Winner: Ricochet

AJ Styles grabs a microphone after the match and says Ricochet can leave it at that, or he can do as he said and try going through all of them. So how about he take on Karl Anderson right now?

*Commercial Break*

Ricochet Vs. Karl Anderson

Anderson attacks the Champ as soon as the bell rings but Ricochet elbows him back. Ricochet kicks Anderson and connects with a springboard clothesline for a two count. Ricochet punches Anderson before AJ Styles gets on the apron. Anderson takes advantage of the distraction to send Ricochet headfirst into the turnbuckles.

Anderson stomps away at Ricochet before sending him into the ropes for a shoulder block. Anderson picks up a two count. Anderson applies a chinlock to ground the one and only. Ricochet fights up, punches him, and runs but Anderson floors him with a spinebuster for a near fall. Anderson uppercuts him a few times before hitting the ropes but Ricochet hits a backflip kick and a dropkick.

Ricochet hits the ropes but Styles grabs the feet, and Anderson uppercuts Ricochet down. Anderson sends him into the ropes, and Ricochet counters by hitting Luke Gallows at ringside with a Fosbury Flop. Styles tries to attack, but Ricochet hits him with a second rope moonsault block to the floor! Ricochet gets in the ring and hits Anderson with a running dropkick. Ricochet then hits Anderson with the 630 for the win!

Winner: Ricochet

As soon as Ricochet wins, AJ attacks him. Styles pounds Ricochet into the mat, then Gallows follows-suit. AJ lifts him up and hits a brainbuster, followed by a Magic-Killer by Anderson and Gallows. AJ instructs Anderson and Gallows to lift Ricochet up and give him to him on the middle rope. He intends to give the Styles Clash but just drops Ricochet instead. He grabs the microphone and says he’s a good guy, and that’s why he’s leaving him. He says he doesn’t want Ricochet to have any excuses after he beats him on Sunday, so long as he stays down. The Club leave but halfway up the ramp Ricochet gets up, so they go back down and Styles hits him with the Phenomenal Forearm.

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