Hulk Hogan Can’t Shop At Walmart Without Being Swarmed By Fans

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Hulk Hogan is a very recognizable person so it stands to reason that he can’t go many places without people asking for a photo. After all, he is still Hulk Hogan.

Walmart is a place that a lot of people find themselves shopping at on a daily basis. After all, Walmart is often the only place around where you can buy tires and ravioli in the same place. Apparently, even The Hulkster shops at Wally World.

A video has recently emerged of Hulk Hogan stopping by a Walmart just to shop, but he was immediately bombarded with people asking for a selfie with the WWE Hall Of Famer. Usually, this kind of opportunity is limited to Hogan’s Beach Shop or a meet & greet, but Hogan was happy to oblige. Of course, once one person sees you taking a selfie with them then everyone will want a turn.

It didn’t take long before Hulk Hogan had a lot of people waiting to get a photo with him. This should have been expected so hopefully, Hogan was accounting for this and he blocked off extra time at the store to meet some fans. He definitely didn’t seem to mind and commented about how great Walmart is.

Maybe Hulk Hogan needs to just stick to shopping online if he wants to avoid this kind of situation in the future.

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