Scam Artists Using Alexa Bliss To Target Fans

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Alexa Bliss is a WWE Superstar who is very well-know. Since she is so popular and a public figure, Bliss’ social media accounts are verified. This is very important to keep in mind. Because there are apparently people out there using Bliss’ name to scam fans out of cash.

It seems like this is a growing trend nowadays which is incredibly sad to see. Therefore, one of Bliss’ best friends sent out a public announcement to let everyone know what is up. Because she has been contacted by people asking if Bliss is really the one hitting them up for cash.

Dear People, @AlexaBliss_WWE will never ever ever ever ask you for money! Please DO NOT send anyone saying they are her money. I have had multiple people asking me to confirm phone numbers. But I promise you she will never ask for a dime!

She continued to say that Alexa Bliss will get upset if someone pays for her $6 pizza so she is not asking fans for money at all. WWE pays Bliss very well and she does not need to ask fans for cash.

So if someone who is saying that they are Alexa Bliss is attempting to message you, unless she has a blue verified check-mark next to her name it’s simply not her.

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