WWE has been the #1 pro wrestling company in the world for a very long time. They had some competition with WCW, but the Monday Night Wars saw WWE emerging victoriously. Now there’s new WAR and it’s on.

AEW is not looking to “take down” WWE, but they do want to be an alternative. No matter what you call it, that means WAR for Vince McMahon.

Dave Meltzer discussed the current pro wrestling war during Wrestling Observer Radio. Obviously, WWE booking EVOLVE 131 on the WWE Network on the same night as AEW’s Fight For The Fallen wasn’t a mistake, but it won’t be the last move that Vince McMahon’s company makes against AEW either.

“Yeah, the war is very real and obviously everyone knows that I mean the EVOLVE thing if that didn’t tell everyone and again, there are other things and it’s gonna happen constantly. We’ll be talking about that forever because that’s how Vince is. It’s like you get in a war with Vince and you gotta be willing to fight back too.”


Things could get rather interesting in the upcoming months. As AEW prepares for a new television show on TNT, they will need all the hype they can get. WWE doesn’t want AEW to have any hype so they will likely try to derail or overshadow anything AEW has going on.

It might not be the best thing for wrestling fans if they have to choose, but WWE wasn’t too happy about the unique AEW fan base who might not tune in to watch WWE anyway no matter what they run in opposition.

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