Cima Offers Gig In China To Backyard Wrestler

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GCW held a backyard event on the 4th of July that was exciting, fun, and very dangerous. It turns out that Cima was paying attention.

Alex Zayne seemed to impress Cima so much that he seemingly offered a match in Shanghai China to the daring indie wrestler. This was after witnessing a pretty sick 630 senton through a door.

“Come to Shanghai,” was all Cima needed to tweet out to cause a ton of attention his way. After all, with Cima and OWE’s recent association with AEW they are turning a lot of heads in their direction.

We’ll have to wait and see if Alex Zayne ends up getting some work in China out of his Game Changer Wrestling appearance, but it certainly got a lot of attention from the IWC.

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