No Way Jose Doesn’t Understand The Bottle Cap Challenge

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The bottle cap challenge hasn’t gone away and plenty of other people have gotten in the game. We previously reported that Christopher Daniels had a pretty great attempt, but he might have cheated a little bit. Now No Way Jose is taking a stab at things, but he might not understand the rules either.

No Way Jose might have not quite understood the rules of the bottle cap challenge, but then again, maybe he just wanted to shake it up a little bit. Either way, he landed a pretty spot-on chop that knocked the cap right off.

He might have bent the rules just a little bit, but “Stone Cold” Steve Austin music at the end really signified that the beer bash was on.

In case you want to see a successful bottle cap challenge done correctly, you can check out this entry from Facade below. He does it as you should, with an actual spinning kick and of course, the clip is put into slow motion which adds dramatic effect.

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