Chris Jericho Reacts To Fan Using His WWE Entrance Theme As Love Making Music

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Chris Jericho’s musical side project is more like a second career at this point. Fozzy is making dates all over the world and keeping him quite busy. Their hit song Judas went viral and has brought them to new heights. However, one fan commented that it’s Jericho’s old “Break The Walls Down” music that really does it for him

One fan tweeted at Jericho saying that he hears Chris Jericho’s entrance music every time he gets busy. It might have be something about the “Break The Walls Down” hashtag that he used that won Y2j over. Either way, Jericho had a pretty great response.

“Lay that pipe brother!”

It must be a great compliment for Jericho to know that his old WWE entrance music is still appreciated. Chris Jericho might be led to the ring with Fozzy’s music now, but it’s nice to know someone is getting good use out of Jim Johnston’s classic song for the Ayatollah Of Rock n Rolla.

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