Within the WWE Universe, it’s safe to say that the tag team division hasn’t quite been up to scratch over the course of the last few years. In recent months, however, it has felt as if there’s been a gradual shift of sorts in momentum.

One of the big reasons for that is The Revival, who have been lauded by many as being the best tag team in the world. WWE are clearly starting to realise that, and they’re also starting to realise that there’s a very real chance they could go to All Elite Wrestling if things don’t work out in WWE.

For the time being, though, they are still sat on top of the mountain, and they’re impressing a lot of folks along the way.

It’s much more common to see Randy Orton slating other superstars on social media, as opposed to praising them. That’s why the following statement, as random as it may be, has been welcomed by a lot of fans.


The duo have been scratching and clawing to get back to the top and to be recognised by Vince McMahon, and now, it really does seem like they’re living up to their billing of being top guys.

As we look ahead to the future it’s difficult to picture a time or a scenario in which they aren’t riding high as champions, but you really do just never know what is coming around that next corner in WWE.

Who knows, maybe they could partner up with Orton. It’s unlikely, but it could be fun.

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