Aleister Black Set To Face Mystery Opponent At WWE Extreme Rules

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You never know what can happen in WWE and that includes who will be Aleister Black’s opponent on July 14th at Extreme Rules.

For weeks now Aleister Black has been filming backstage segments on SmackDown Live asking someone to pick a fight with him. He seems very down to battle as he cut his brooding promos each week. Last week he heard a knock at the door, but nobody was there when he went to check on who was wanting to fight.

This week on SmackDown Live, Aleister Black made things quite simple. He will be facing someone at Extreme Rules. So whoever picked a fight with him needs to go ahead and show their face.

It will be interesting to see who will answer Aleister Black’s challenge. One would think that whoever Black faces will put him over. After all, WWE has invested weeks of promos to establish Aleister Black as a dangerous man.

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