Sasha Banks Reportedly Still In ‘Continual Contact’ With WWE

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Sasha Banks has yet to make a WWE return months after reportedly telling the company she wanted to quit at WrestleMania 35. Since then, Banks has stayed very active, but she hasn’t been wrestling which is what she loves to do.

Tom Colohue reports that “WWE and Banks are in continual contact and there have been discussions about how to encourage her back.” This is very interesting because it could mean that a return might be on the horizon.

The wording that WWE is still encouraging her back is also notable because it could lead one to assume that Banks isn’t too gung-ho to jump back into a WWE storyline at this moment. However, there is also an expectation that WWE will find a slot for Banks upon her return.

This situation might be at somewhat of a stand-still right now, but as long as Banks is in communication with WWE that is at least a good sign.

If Sasha Banks does have any desire for her WWE contract to end then she might need to return eventually because the company can always continue to tack on more time to her contract theoretically meaning that her contract may never end.

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