Rumor Killer On Shawn Spears Getting Backstage Heat Over Busting Open Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes was busted open pretty badly at AEW Fyter Fest when Shawn Spears whacked him in the head with a chair. He needed staples in his head, but he wasn’t diagnosed with a concussion after preliminary testing.

The chair was “gimmicked” to bend, but that didn’t include the lip of the seat which wrapped around Cody’s head and caused a huge gash to open up on the back of his head. Rhodes didn’t stop bleeding either, but that’s not going to stop him from wearing (and ruining) a very expensive suit.

Ringside News has been able to confirm that there is no backstage heat on Shawn Spears after accidentally busting Cody Rhodes open at AEW Fyter Fest. Things like this happen in pro wrestling, especially when there are weapons involved.

Hopefully, AEW can avoid any mess-ups like this in the future, especially the more dangerous ones. Tony Khan made a mention about how AEW’s television show on TNT won’t include the blood and weapons that Fyter Fest did either. However, you still can’t predict what is going to happen in squared circle no matter how hard you try to control it.

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