Jon Moxley’s Finisher Has Different Names In AEW & NJPW

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Jon Moxley’s first match outside of WWE was actually in NJPW where he won the IWGP United States Title. He won that match against Juice Robinson by hitting what we used to call the Dirty Deeds, only that’s not what they’re calling it in NJPW.

New Japan registered a trademark for “Death Rider” which is what they’re calling Mox’s finisher in their company. However, AEW isn’t using that same name.

Instead, Jon Moxley’s double underhook DDT finisher in AEW is called the “Paradigm Shift.” This might get confusing, but at least it will help you distinguish which organization Moxley is working for by what they call his finisher.

It is also interesting how Moxley is wearing totally different ring gear in each promotion as well. However, his finisher is still the same, it just has a different name depending on who he’s competing for.

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