It wasn’t very long ago when WWE stock was around (or above) $100. However, it has taken a huge hit in recent months.

Coincidentally, this drop in stock came after WWE execs unloaded a ton of stock. Then the company promised that it would buy back stock as well. Perhaps the WWE stock was overvalued in the first place and they realized this, either way, this is very interesting timing. This might not be the first time this has happened either. Perhaps one of our awesome readers in the SEC might find this subject fascinating.

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE’s investors are getting kind of worried at this point. Because AEW could be a legit concern at this point.

“You know the stock market is starting to figure out that things aren’t good. I mean in their minds Vince is the guy, he knows everything about wrestling and he knows what to do and they got this great television deal obviously and when they go on Fox it’s going to be a boom period and now there’s concern. There’s concern about AEW, you know, but the big concern is the falling numbers from the last quarter started a concern, I mean the stock price did drop.”


“Now people are watching closer and they’re kinda seeing that it looks like it’s falling even more and you know you need new stuff to tell the stock people. That’s why they’re bringing in guys.”

WWE has a lot of things that they need to work out, but it seems as if Vince McMahon’s excuses might not hold up very well this time around. Because there were no huge injuries to blame low tickets on, there was no other source of blame to point anything at, and people are starting to figure out that there is a new pro wrestling war.

We will see what happens down the line, but right now it seems as if WWE has a lot more work to do all around.

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