Scott Dawson: ‘I Built My Career On Complaining’

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Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have not signed new WWE contracts although five-year deals worth $550,000 a year each are still on the table. This is interesting because they are Raw Tag Team Champions and having a wonderful time palling around with Shane McMahon. Still, many say that they gained those spots by complaining.

The Revival aren’t just two-time NXT Tag Team Champions, but they were the first team to do it. There’s a reason why Cody Rhodes is sending secret messages to them through his coffee cups, because he knows they are Top Guys too.

When one fan recently called The Revival out about complaining, Scott Dawson had a great reply as he owned up to it.

Yeah dude. I’ve built my career on complaining. A 5’10”, southern North Carolinian, who’s far from a body guy made it to the biggest promotion in the world by complaining. It ABSOLUTELY had nothing to do with hard work, talent, and sleepless nights.

We will have to see how things turn out for The Revival and WWE. If they let their deals expire they could very well be making a jump to AEW where #FTR could tell some incredible stories.

At this point, Scott Dawson’s contract is set to be up around WrestleMania next year, but WWE is tacking another three months to Dash Wilder’s contract due to missing three months in 2017. Until then, they will probably keep complaining a lot because apparently that’s just their gimmick.

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