Renee Young Reacts To Fan Saying ‘You Are Sh*t’

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Renee Young is on television every week so naturally, she’s going to have a few people who love to come at her for anything. She recently had someone go as far to say “You are sh*t” and Jon Moxley’s wife had a great reaction.

You really don’t want to try and mess with someone like Renee Young in that regard because she’s heard it all before. Still, trolls and haters will try and tear her down with every fiber of their being like it’s some kind of a sport for them.

So when one fan tweeted out: “When are you leaving WWE. You are sh*t,” the Raw announcer knew exactly what she was going to say.

“I’m gonna stay forever [kissy face emoji]”

The statement said enough, but it was that kissy face emoji that really told us that Renee Young has totally ran out of f*cks because she has none to give. Fans can keep coming at her, but with a nice role rumored on WWE’s new FS1 talk show coupled with her weekly role on Raw, Renee Young is doing just fine right now.

Even if they do take her off commentary she still made history as the fist woman to ever hold a full-time weekly commentary gig with WWE. So she could really be in WWE forever, or she could take one of the many offers we’re certain could still be on the table for her in other broadcasting opportunities. She obviously has no plans to leave WWE at this point though.

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