Nia Jax Feeling Great In Rehab Rapping With Classic Salt-n-Pepa Song

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Nia Jax is working hard at returning from double knee surgery, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have some fun while rehabbing her injury.

The Irresistible Force recently uploaded a video of herself rapping to some Salt-n-Pepa. “Shoop” was on the radio and she had to bust out some lyrics to prove how down she was with the song.

Jax recently joked that she’s not coming back to Raw ever, but let’s hope that isn’t the case. In the meantime, at least she’s able to keep herself entertained while she recovers from injury.

You can check out the clip below to see what we’re talking about. She is able to get around pretty well on her knees at this point as evidence by the video of her singing along with the classic Salt-n-Pepa song.

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