AEW Fyter Fest Results — June 29, 2019

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Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid vs Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

This match started off fast and fans loved The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega cosplaying as fighting game characters. The Luchas nailed a triple dive and there were plenty of quick tags and fast-moving action.

Things settled down a bit as Omega rallied on Laredo Kid. Then Kid got on the top rope and jumped only to get hit by a dropkick from Omega on the way down. Kenny went for a dive, but Penta stopped him.

Then Penta took off his glove slowly and did the “Zero fear” taunt and it was very over. Omega dropkicked his ankle and went for a head crusher. Fenix nailed a kick from the apron and the Young Bucks took him out with a double team move. Then Laredo Kid took some punishment from all three Elite members.

Kid sent Matt into Nick Jackson and then he hit a kick to Omega and tagged Penta who hit a backstabber on Omega and then Fenix kicked Omega and hit a rana on Omega before he hit a suicide dive on Nick Jackson. Matt Jackson got caught on the ropes and Penta nailed a double stomp on Jackson.

The Luchas took the Young Bucks out and Omega kicked out of a flipping powerbomb only to have Matt Jackson return the favor. Then a Superkick Party broke out.

The Elite hit triple liger bombs for two counts. After another exchange, Omega nailed a V Trigger on Penta and Fenix hit a cutter. Then Nick Jackson jumped in and took out Fenix before setting up for a swan diving Meltzer driver to the floor. Then Lerado Kid broke that up before hitting a dive to the floor leaving only Omge and Fenix in the ring.

Omega hit a V Trigger and a Tiger Diver 98, but Fenix kicked out at two. Then Omega hit a One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

That was the end of the event… but wait, there’s more. A “lights out” non-sanctioned match. This is promising to be a very violent affair.

Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela

They turned the lights off and brought them back up before the match to give this a really ominous and classic feel.

Joey facepalmed Mox and Jon came back with a kick, but Mox went outside and Janela nailed a dive. Then Mox threw Joey into the crowd. They fought through the crowd and Mox nailed a stiff punch followed by Janela fighting back and throwing Moxley back to ringside.

Then Joey got a table out from under the ring. Jim Ross pointed out that the ring posts in AEW are squared off. Joey grabbed a prosthetic leg from the crowd and hit Mox.

Moxley’s eyebrow was bleeding already as he slammed Janela and a chair at the same time. Joey sat Mox on a chair and missed a dive smashing the chair in the process before a two count and some more elbows from Moxley.

Jon got a barbwire wrapped chair from under the ring and stomped it on Janela. “You sick f*ck!” chants started as Janela stopped Mox on the top rope. Then Janela climbed up and nailed a rana one onto the barbwire chair before taking a chairshot from Joey. As Mox’s back started to bleed, Janela got another table.

Janela hit a Russian legsweep on Mox through a table from the apron and Mox’s arm was all cut up. Then Mox put Janela through another table that was propped against the turnbuckle.

Mox sat up two tables at ringside and Janela gave him the double birds. Then Mox jumped in to hammer away at Joey before pulling out a barbwire wrapped board from under the ring and he propped it against the turnbuckle.

Then Mox tried to throw Janela through the barbed wire, but Joey reversed it and Mox ended up taking a big bump through the barbwire board. Suddenly, Mox exploded out of the corner with “a thunderous clothesline you could hear in Orlando” as JR said.

They moved to the apron and Janela pulled out a very large ladder. Then Janela climbed all the way up on the ladder and hit an elbow drop through the tables where Mox was laying.

Then Janela pulled out another barbwire wrapped board and propped it in between the ring and the barricade. Jon threw Janela through the board and then he went outside and got a sack of thumbtacks.

Moxley spread tacks all over the ring and then took off Joey Janela’s shoe. He slammed Janela into the tacks including his bare feet. Then he hit a Death Rider onto the tacks and won the match.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Before Moxley could leave, Kenny Omega rushed the ring and nailed a V Trigger. Then he sandwiched Moxley in two broken tables and hit a springboard double foot stomp onto Moxley.

They fought through the crowd and Omega grabbed the mic stand off the stage for Blink 182 that “canceled” and he hit Mox. Then Omega put Moxley through the drum kit and grabbed an electric guitar that he smashed over Mox’s back hammering in the tacks that were already embedded in there.

Finally, Kenny Omega left as Mox was led away by two referees. Suddenly, Mox fought off the referees as Omega came back with a trashcan. Omega nailed mox a few times with the trashcan before hitting a DDT onto the can.

AEW Fyter Fest went off the air with Moxley smiling and looking very happy as Kenny Omega posed and walked away.

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