AEW Fyter Fest Results — June 29, 2019

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Cody Rhodes vs Darby Allin

Darby had a bodybag that had “Cody 1-1” written on it. Nice touch.

After a bit of wrestling around to start things out slowly, Darby reversed a hip toss and Cody went outside to waste some time. Cody moved back inside and got frustrated with Allin’s wrestling and slapped him.

Then Cody sent Darby all the way outside and crashing to the floor. Allin sold outside while Cody did some push ups in the ring. Cody maintained control, but Allin wouldn’t let him get the pinfall.

Cody threw Darby against the turnbuckle and Allin went crashing to the floor. Then Cody told the referee to start counting. Then Allin went in the ring and Cody rolled him up for a two count before nailing a clothesline that turned Allin inside out.

Cody kept selling his right hand and wrestled Darby to the mat where he locked in a submission hold. Cody kept up the punishment, but Darby kept kicking out. Then Cody went for a nice suplex on Allin, but he reversed it.

Suddenly, Allin came back with a spingboard tornado body block, but Cody got to the ropes and kept selling his left hand. Then Allin dodged a clothesline and hit a suicide dive on Cody.

Cody turned things around quickly as he swept Allin’s legs on the steps that sent him falling hard onto the steel and then he hit his own suicide dive.

Darby hit a couple of running back elbows on Cody and a flipping powerbomb for a two count. We’re at the 15-minute mark.

They eventually moved to the apron where Darby bit Cody’s left hand that he kept selling. Then they went back to the ring and Allin went for a trustfall kind of dive to the apron that did not pay off at all. Allin hit nothing but the apron off the Coffin Drop.

Darby fell onto the bodybag and Cody zipped him up before hitting a Disaster Kick for a two count. Allin got back on his feet and fell down. There is now one minute remaining in the match.

Cody started whipping Darby with his weight belt and now there were 30 seconds remaining. Allin blocked a Crossroads and hit a stunner. Then Cody hit a Crossroads, but he couldn’t get to the pin in time and the twenty-minute time limit expired.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

The crowd was chanting “Overtime” as Shawn Spears jumped in the ring and nailed Cody RIGHT IN THE HEAD with a steel chair. Cody was busted open badly! They gathered around him, but he was okay enough to walk off after they put a towel on the side of Cody’s head.

Eventually, Cody was led off, but they took a minute to clean up all of the blood.

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