AEW Fyter Fest Results — June 29, 2019

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Jon Moxley appeared on the screen and told everyone cleaning up the weapons around the ring to leave them there. Because he’s going to show people what Jon Moxley is all about tonight.

Christopher Daniels vs Cima

After a little running the ropes, Daniels pulled an armdrag to slow things down a bit. They know each other very well. Cima came back with a dropkick that sent Daniels out of the ring and then he hit a baseball slide to the outside.

They returned the ring and Daniels eventually hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that sent Cima outside. Then Daniel hit a release northern lights suplex on the floor to continue the punishment to Cima.

They returned the ring where Daniels hit a slam and an STO for a two count. “Fallen Angel” chants started as he hit a suplex on Cima before hitting an Arabian moonsault into a crossface.

Cima threw up a boot as Daniels ran for the corner and then Cima hit a few moves and a lungblower for a two count. Cima sold his hurt back and Daniel it a blue thunder bomb and an Angel Wings for a two count.

Daniel blocked a top rope powerbomb, but Cima hit a liger bomb and a perfect driver for a two count. Then Cima hit a top rope double knee drop for the win.

Winner: Cima

Riho vs Nyla Rose vs Yuka Zakazaki

Yuka and Riho took some abuse from Rose as she slammed them into each other. Then they had to cooperate to take down Rose with a double dropkick, but Nyla powered out of a double team submission attempt. Nyla then slammed them both down and hit a double splash for a two count as they both bridged to their feet and then Nyla hit a double suplex on both of them.

Nyla hit a bearhub on Yuka and slammed her down before turning her attention to Riho with a suplex. Then Nyla threw Yuka onto Riho. Yuka took Nyla to the outside with a hurricanrana and then she hit a dive on both Riho and Rose.

Yuka brought Riho in the ring and then Riho just got control as Nyla came in. Yuka hit Nyla with a 6-1-9 and then Riho hit a double foot stomp off the top for a two count.

Nyla Rose soaked in some heel heat as Yuka fought back, but Nyla came back for a two count. Nyla hit a suplex that sent Yuka out of the ring and then Riho came in to get hung up from the top rope. Then Nyla jumped on the top turnbuckle and nailed a sick diving knee to the side of Riho’s face, but she didn’t pin her.

Instead, Nyla climbed on top. She took out Yuka and then went for a senton, but missed. Then Riho jumped on top and went for a body press, but she was caught. Yuka jumped and she was caught too as they rolled Nyla up for a double two count.

Yuka went for the Magical Girl Splash, but Riho got her knees up. Nyla hit a German suplex on Yuka and a Beast Bomb, but Yuka broke it up. “This is awesome” chants started. Then Nyla caught Riho for a Death Valley Driver for another two count.

Suddenly, Riho rolled up Nyla and hooked the leg for the win.

Winner: Riho

Nyla tried to get revenge, but Yuka saved Riho and they ran Rose off with a double dropkick.

Adam Page vs MJF vs Jimmy Havoc vs Jungle Boy

MJF came out first and the crowd was booing him before he even got a chance to speak.

The crowd said: “you suck” and MJF said “you know your mother whose basement you live in — she swallows.” Yep. Welcome to AEW. MJF said he used to love video games and then he lost his virginity.

Hangman page got some nice pyro during his entrance. They are obviously making him a huge star in AEW.

MJF dodged Page and shoved Jungle Boy as Havoc bit Page. Then MJF and Havoc were sent to the floor. After running the ropes for a second, Page nailed a boot to Jungle Boy and a couple of chops and a rana that sent Page to the floor. Havoc jumped in next and he hit a dropkick, but MJF jumped in and tried to steal a pinfall, but was unsuccessful.

Page hit a dive to the outside on MJF and Jungle Boy hit a dive on Page. Then MJF stopped Jungle Boy from hitting a dive only to tease one of his own.

The action continued in the ring and Jungle Boy nailed a top rope powerbomb for a two count. Then they set up a tower of doom move that actually sent Jungle Boy into MJF.

MJF escaped a running lariat from Page and Jungle Boy hit a reverse rana on Havoc. Then Page almost had a pin on Jungle Boy, but MJF put his foot on the ropes to block the pin.

MJF hit a double stomp on Havoc’s arm and kicked Jungle Boy out of the ring before Page broke up a pinfall for MJF. Finally it was Page and MJF — the match Hangman wanted.

They stood nose to nose and got started. MJF tried for a sharpshooter, but Page got one on him first until MJF got to the ropes to break up the submission.

MJF nailed a heatseeker piledriver and Jungle Boy broke up the pinfall. Then Havoc threw Jungle Boy onto Luchasaurus. Havoc blocked a heatseeker and almost had the pinfall, but MJF blocked an acidrainmaker. Page hit a lariat on Havoc and MJF got out of the ring.

MJF lost, but Page didn’t get the pinfall on him as Havoc took the pin after taking a Deadeye from Hangman.

Winner: Hangman Page

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