Nia Jax Sends Her Closest Friends Photos Of Her Dog’s Butt

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Nia Jax is a great friend to have. Because she loves to share, especially when it comes to pictures of her dog’s butt.

The Irresistible Force tweeted out on Friday morning that she confirmed her own “circle of trust” by cementing it with a picture of her dog’s butt.

I have sent pics or videos of my dog’s butt to 5 of my closest friends. If you received one, congratulations…you are officially in the circle of trust

Mickie James apparently jumped on her phone to see if she had a text waiting from Nia Jax of her dog’s butt. Sadly, she did not make the butt cut. However, after calling Jax’s attention to this, Nia confirmed to Mickie James that butt pics are on the way.

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