When The Undertaker’s WWE Return Was Reportedly Planned

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The Undertaker returned to WWE television this week, but apparently it wasn’t a last-minute decision. This is somewhat shocking because it appeared that way by many accounts.

The Dead Man returned to save Roman Reigns from Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon. This set up a match at Extreme Rules on July 14th. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that this return was actually planned well in advance.

Undertaker’s return for this show is not something that just came up this week based on bad numbers, as it was planned before Super Showdown. Whether this is an angle for SummerSlam is unknown, but it makes no sense to use him on Extreme Rules and not SummerSlam.

It is interesting that The Undertaker is coming back for another program so soon. After all, he did say that he wanted to work smarter this year and not take so many dates close to each other. Let’s just see if this appearance could spawn something that is carried out at Summerslam as well.

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