Matt Riddle Shows Off Recent Weight Gain

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Matt Riddle takes pro wrestling very seriously and he needs to be in great shape. This has never been a problem for him, but now it looks like he is bulking up as well.

WWE Superstars usually have a certain look. At least, most of them are jacked to a certain degree. The King Of Bros has been working hard to add some muscle to his frame and that hard work is paying off.

In a social media update, Riddle let fans know about his progress. He is already 10 pounds up

Been working hard to put on more muscle lately and I think it’s working! Already 10lbs up bro

Matt Riddle has a bright future ahead of him in WWE. He might even be of some great use to the company in their upcoming move to Fox.

Hopefully, he will be able to stay on the right track and not lose his mind on social media in the process by burying another legend.

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