In one of the craziest breaking stories of the year so far, Sports Illustrated is reporting that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff will be taking on executive director roles for RAW and SmackDown Live respectively.

The news comes ahead of what is bound to be a crazy end to the year for professional wrestling, as All Elite Wrestling gears up for their television debut. WWE, on the other hand, have their big SmackDown move to FOX that will be taking place.

Bischoff and Heyman are obviously known for being two of the biggest names of the last few decades in the industry, courtesy of their work with WCW and ECW respectively.

This utterly bizarre development is sure to ruffle a few feathers, and it’s also bound to cause quite the ripple effect within the industry. This is clearly a statement of intent, as crazy as it may seem, and it will clearly have some lasting impacts on the business.


For now all we can do is sit back and enjoy the show, because let’s face it, there are very few things that will top this in terms of ‘breaking news’ for the remainder of 2019.

Will it wind up being a success? Nobody really knows, and to be honest, that’s part of the fun. All we do know is that WWE is pulling out all the stops to make some noise, and we can’t wait to see what Bischoff and Heyman are able to produce on a week to week basis.

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