Bray Wyatt Promises To Finish What He Started

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Bray Wyatt didn’t appear on Raw this week, but his Firefly Fun House friends were around backstage.

Although we haven’t seen Wyatt return to the ring since his Firefly Fun House segments started, we are now anticipating to see him finally make some kind of an impact on WWE television once again. Because he is now on the road with WWE so that is a very good sign.

Bray had some words to impart on his fans on Tuesday afternoon. He promises to finish what he started a long time ago. Because apparently, it’s always been him (whatever that means.)

This year I’m gonna finish everything I started so long ago.
It’s me.
It’s always been me.
Yowie Wowie to the people

Bray Wyatt speaking in a vague term is nothing new. This only adds to what we are hoping for this new character. Because given the unique build of the Firefly Fun House, WWE can do some very special things with Bray Wyatt’s character if they do it properly.

Yowie Wowie!

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