Impact Wrestling Could Be Losing A Top Tag Team

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Impact Wrestling has a very talented roster and although they have some great pro wrestlers in the locker room that doesn’t really equate to ratings. Therefore, the brand seems to be struggling as a result.

The pro wrestling climate is very interesting right now. A top act can command a lot of money for their services. It seems that LAX could be looking to take their talents elsewhere.

F4WOnline noted that Santana and Ortiz’s Impact Wrestling contracts are coming up soon. This has led to a lot of recent talk about what they’re going to do.

Lots of talk of late regarding LAX with their Impact deals up shortly.

We will have to wait and see if Impact Wrestling will re-sign LAX to new deals. They have excelled a lot in the last year and after rivalries with The OGs and The Lucha Bros it really elevated both Ortiz and Santana.

The two are also working the indies consistently and commanding good money outside of Impact Wrestling. They are an extremely charismatic team that could be a tent pole for Impact Wrestling. The biggest issue is what they want to do next.

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