CM Punk Also Apparently Wonders ‘What The F*ck Is AEW?’

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AEW is starting up in a big way, but apparently, the message hasn’t gotten out to everyone just yet.

We previously reported that Marty Scurll asked “What the f*ck is AEW?” after Joey Janela told him that he couldn’t sign with Villain Enterprises. This was funny on a couple of levels especially considering the fact that Scurll seems to have a spot open for him with The Elite once his ROH contract is up.

CM Punk watched this short clip of Scrull and Janela and he had to echo The Villain’s question. What the f*ck is AEW?

I ask myself this same question, like, every time someone tweets me.

We can tell you this for certain about what All Elite Wrestling is not. They are not a pissant company or just a t-shirt company. They might sell a lot of t-shirts, but that’s really nothing new for The Elite.

This tease from CM Punk that is seemingly keeping AEW on his radar is also very interesting. After all, he said that he will disappoint AEW fans and not show up at All Out.

With AEW All Out coming up on August 31st it will be very interesting if the possible clues that AEW dropped in the initial advertisement for the event about CM Punk will pay off.

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