Jon Moxley Says Returning To Real Wrestling Was ‘Like An Acid Trip’

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Jon Moxley is no longer Dean Ambrose and under the confines and control of WWE. Now he is free to work as he sees fit in AEW and NJPW. Of course, since his deal is primarily with AEW there are some limitations, but it’s all well worth it.

Mox recently spoke to New Japan’s website where he explained what it was like to return to real pro wrestling. He’s not entertaining anymore as he was in WWE. He said it was like an acid trip as he adjusted to this old way of thinking, but it seems as if he’s adjusting to this new mindset rather quickly.

“The whole experience was great. I’ve been watching NJPW, and New Japan is professional wrestling. I love professional wrestling and I feel for a few years that I had been relegated to being an entertainer. So I was excited to just go in, no pre-conceived notions, no baggage of thinking about who this new Jon Moxley is. Just going out and seeing what happened.”

“It was all like an acid trip to be honest. With the jet lag, the new environment, the new fans, this friend I used to have now being a guy I’m fighting, this new gear that makes me feel naked… it was just madness. But I started to feel my groove. I started to get in the zone, and that felt really good.”

Jon Moxley is just getting started. We can only imagine what is down the line for him in this phase of his career. He’s a little older and wiser, but that doesn’t mean he will be any less violent.

Fans who remember Mox from his death match days might see a similar beast creep up soon enough as his relentless demeanor in the ring continues to carry him to success.

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