Ember Moon is quite easily one of the most talented female wrestlers on the main roster today, and now that she has returned from injury, it really does feel like she’s on her way towards some big things.

At this moment in time she is embroiled in a feud with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose over on SmackDown Live, which has actually been building up pretty nicely.

She’s starting to finally be recognised as the star that she is, and last night, she continued to wage war with the duo – and it seems as if she means business.

It’s always nice to see superstars playing up their feuds on social media, because if it’s done right, then it can provide the story with a little bit more authenticity. Ember using the ‘knife to a gun fight’ analogy most certainly falls into that category.


When the former NXT Women’s Champion first debuted down in developmental as Ember Moon, she was a badass. She was taking names and putting on some really good performances, and her character work was top notch too to go alongside that.

There have been times since then when it has felt like she has regressed a little bit, but that no longer appears to be the case.

She could quite easily be the future of the women’s division for many years to come, and as such, we’re happy to see her get a featured spot on a week to week basis. Hopefully, this momentum can keep building.

Harry Kettle

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