Jon Moxley is in the G1 Climax Tournament this year and the NJPW crowd was very happy to hear his name on the list.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that “Obviously they’re keeping Moxley away from Tanahashi, Okada, and Ibushi,” as part of the B Block. This is interesting because it could signify that Mox has some big singles matches down the line that they don’t want to preview as part of the G1.

This G1 Climax Tournament will be a very rough deal for anyone involved. The hard-hitting action won’t phase someone like Mox who seems itching to get in there and really fight someone. After all, now that he’s no longer with WWE it just seems like he wants to fight in his own way.

It was noted that Moxley has a good chance of making it all the way to the finals. Meltzer said the A Block looks to be either Okada or Ibushi as the final two in their block with Naito and Moxley in the B Block. This could set up a great series of matches.


Even if Moxley doesn’t win the G1 Climax Tournament this year he will certainly still give it everything he has.

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