Corey Graves Suggests Fans Stop Using Social Media As ‘A F*cking War Ground’

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Corey Graves has been through a lot on social media and the fans can be rather relentless. In fact, people are pretty much out there in general on social media. Now the Savior Of Misbehavior has had enough.

Perhaps people hide behind the anonymity of a username to say whatever they want. Either way, it has often caused timelines to look more like a war of words than anything enjoyable at all.

The RAW and SmackDown Live announcer reached out on social media suggesting to fans and anyone else who reads to redirect their energy on something much more productive which doesn’t include bringing up every bit of controversy they can so they can squabble about it online.

Not everyone likes the same things. Not everyone believes the same things.

And you know what? That’s perfectly OK.

Stop using social media as a f*cking war ground, and instead use it to connect with people who make you happy.

People are going to be diverse in who they are and their opinions. This is what makes the world work. Just because everyone isn’t the same doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun and connect on another level.

Perhaps one day people will stop turning social media into a f*cking war ground. Until then, maybe Corey Graves might want to start muting some more people.

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