WWE RAW Results – June 10th, 2019

Shane McMahon Celebration

Drew McIntyre came out followed by Shane McMahon. They were both wearing leather jackets like buds.

The ring was all done up for the celebration. McMahon put Reigns over for a bit before putting himself over even more.

Then Drew took the mic and said he is going to hurt Roman at Stomping Grounds. They poured booze in the Best In The World Cup and Shane drank from it before introducing The Revival.

Hawkins & Ryder vs The Usos vs The Revival

Hawkins and Ryder got to cut a little promo backstage before they came out.

Dawson and Ryder started things out and Wilder took the tag, but Zack returned fire with a knee. Then Uce took the tag. Eventually, The Revival dragged Hawkins out of the ring and slammed him against the barricade.

When we came back from commercial Jimmy Uso hit a dive on Dawson and a splash for a near fall, but then Hawkins made a blind tag and tagged in Ryder to hit a double team move for a near fall.

Ryder was going for a Rough Ryder, but Jimmy countered and tagged Jey. Zack hit a Rough Ryder on Jimmy, but Jey took him and Hawkins out with a Superkick before going up for a splash that he hit, but Dawson made the tag and won the title

Winners: The Revival

After the match, The Top Guys got out of Dodge quickly with their new titles.

R-Truth and the other guys were still in the elevator. They were working out their differences and then the door opened again. The jobbers all fought with each other and then Carmella dragged R-Truth back in the elevator to get away.

Firefly Fun House

Bray was in a hardhat and had a hammer putting up a sign that said “Abandon all hope those who exit here” on the door.

Mercy The Vulture was trying to eat the bunny again. Wyatt asked if they wanted him to get The Fiend. Then Rabbit had the floor and the wanted to speak about what was really going on in the Fun House. So Bray smashed him with huge mallet before tasting it and it was delicious.

Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens

Sami Zayn had convinced Shane McMahon to make him the special enforcer outside the ring for this match. So we’ve got two referees in the main event.

KO and Rollins fought for an early advantage and Owens ended up forcing Seth down with an armlock. Seth’s ribs were heavily taped as he kipped up and rolled Owens up for a pin, but Zayn was distracting the referee.

Rollins had Kevin in the corner laying in punches, but Zayn stopped him. Then Owens went outside on the other side of the ring and Rollins nailed a dropkick through the ropes.

Kevin sent Seth into the barricade and hit a DDT before yelling, “Who’s the man now?!”

They returned to the ring and Owens maintained control. He stretched Rollins over his knee and yelled, “Burn it down!” Then he nailed a dropkick to Seth’s back. “Oh no! Are you okay?” KO asked before pinning for a two count.

Owens taunted the crowd for cheering at Seth then he hoisted him up in a fireman’s carry, but Rollins fought back until KO nailed Seth in the injured ribs. Seth hit a Slingblade, but he couldn’t follow-up. Owens hit a gutbuster and went for a senton, but Rollins got his knees up.

Seth went for a dive, but Owens hit a forearm. Seth countered a pop-up powerbomb and then they traded superkicks, but KO ended up on the mat. Seth climbed up top, but Sami was in the ring checking on Owens so it blocked him.

Then Rollins got down and KO rolled him up for a two count. Owens was sent to the floor and Rollins hit a suicide dive on both him and Sami Zayn. Rollins’ eyebrow was busted open a little bit and the referee put on gloves.

Rollins nailed a stomp and got a two count before Sami pulled the referee out of the ring and Zayn called for the bell, but it didn’t ring. He wanted a DQ because Rollins hit him on that dive.

Sami got in Seth’s face and then Rollins grabbed Sami before he called for the bell and it did ring that time

Winner (by DQ): Kevin Owens

Seth started beating Zayn down and then Baron Corbin ran down and attacked Seth. Baron went and got a chair before returning, but Seth kicked the chair out of his hand before running Baron off.

Then Zayn took a chair shot to the back a few times. Sami went outside and then Seth tore the referee shirt off of him before bringing him back in the ring for a curb stomp to close out the show while Baron Corbin looked on while standing on the ramp.