WWE Super ShowDown Results – June 7, 2019

Triple H Vs. Randy Orton

The bell rings and Orton and Triple H come face-to-face for a final staredown. They back away before locking-up. Orton forces The Game to the corner and the referee breaks it up. Triple H then forces The Viper to the corner and let’s go.

Triple H takes a wrist-lock but Orton reverses into a headlock takedown. Triple H gets out and they separate for another staredown. Triple H drops Orton with a shoulder tackle, then looks for the Pedigree but Orton reverses and looks for the RKO but Triple H shoves him off.

Again they lock-up and HHH grabs the wrist. Orton floors Triple H with a right hand. He punches Triple H in the corner but then runs shoulder-first into the ring post. Triple H starts attacking the arm, wringing it around the ropes. Outside the ring, Triple H slams Orton’s arm into the barricade, then the steel steps, and wrapping it around the ringpost.

Orton responds by lifting The Game and landing him on the announce table. Orton tries to slam HHH into the steel steps but Triple H stops him. Orton then reverses a whip to send HHH shoulder-first into the steps. Orton gets him back in the ring for a two count. Orton goes vintage and starts attacking each limb of Triple H with methodical stomps. Orton takes The Game down with a sleeper and holds him there.

Triple H fights to his feet but Orton grabs him by the beard and connects with a lariat for a two count. Orton goes back to the sleeper. Again Triple H fights to his feet and they trade shots to the cheers and boos of the fans. Orton ducks a clothesline but Triple H hits with the leaping knee. Triple H catches Orton with the knee facebuster and looks for the Pedigree but Orton tips him over and catapults him into the ringpost. Orton runs but Triple H connects with a lariat for a two count.

Triple H grabs Orton again for the Pedigree and this time Randy flips him over the ropes. The Game lands on the apron and looks for the draping DDT but Triple H holds on. Orton let’s go and connects with a dropkick that floors The Game. Orton sets Triple H up on the top turnbuckle. He tees off but Triple H drops down and carries Orton out of the corner. Randy looks for the RKO but Triple H shoves him off and delivers a lariat to the back of the head.

Triple H goes to the corner and does the crotch chop. He comes out but Orton catches him with a snap powerslam. Orton then hits Triple H with the draping DDT before slithering for the RKO. He looks for the RKO but Triple H shoves him off and hits a spinebuster for a two count. They trade pin reversals until Triple H applies the crossface. Orton reaches the ropes.

Again Triple H reverses the RKO, then Orton reverses the Pedigree and hits the RKO but Triple H kicks out! Orton gets to his feet, frustrated, and goes to the corner to set-up for a punt. Triple H blocks the kick and gets angry that Orton even attempted. Triple H grabs Orton and hits the Pedigree but Randy kicks out.

Orton leaves the ring to regroup but Triple H follows. He grabs Orton and drops him on the announce table, then does it three more times. Triple H tosses Orton back in the ring, rolls in himself and is caught with an RKO out of nowhere and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Randy Orton