WWE Super ShowDown Results – June 7, 2019

3-on-1 handicap match

Lucha House Party Vs. Lars Sullivan

We start with Kalisto, and he spends the first minute avoiding Lars at all costs. Until, of course, he’s backed into the corner and attacked with shoulder thrusts. Lars bats Kalisto down with a forearm, then military presses him onto the top turnbuckle.

Kalisto allows Lince Dorado to tag in. The Lucha chops the chest of Sullivan and tries to unload on him in the corner but Sullivan responds with a punch to the chest. Sullivan lifts Dorado up but he climbs down and punches Sullivan. Lars grabs him by the face and shoves him over the top rope.

Lars heads outside and tosses Dorado back in. Sullivan wipes-out Sullivan with a running shoulder tackle, then lifts him up  and sets him on the top rope and shoves him off to the floor. Gran Metalik connects with a kick to Sullivan, followed by a handspring elbow and a few more kicks. Kalisto springboards into the ring but Sullivan catches him. Lars tosses him but Kalisto lands on his feet. Kalisto leaps off the ropes but Sullivan swats him out of mid-air.

Sullivan is knocked from the ring by Kalisto and gets angry. He runs back in and knocks Metalik from the apron. Kalisto kicks Lars again but is picked-up and tossed across the ring. Lars climbs to the top rope but he’s attacked by both Dorado and Metalik. They then team-up on him and get disqualified somehow.

Winner Via Disqualification: Lars Sullivan

The Lucha’s continue beating on Lars, taking turns to hold him down and hit moves from the top rope. The Lucha’s then retreat up the ramp as Lars gets to his feet and seethes. Lars then leaves the ring and they run at him. He hits Metalik with a back body drop on the ramp, then clobbers Dorado, and body slams Kalisto. Sullivan hits Dorado with a slam on the apron, then screams at them before leaving.