WWE Super ShowDown Results – June 7, 2019

Kick-Off Show

WWE Super ShowDown’s Kick-Off Show begins with Charly Caruso, David Otunga, and Beth Phoenix but they’re inΒ  a studio in Connecticut. They promote tonight’s show repeatedly as “the equivalent to or exceeding WrestleMania.”

They show a video for, then discuss Seth Rollins Vs. Baron Corbin. We also see a backstage promo from Paul Heyman, in which he reiterates that Brock will definitely cash-in tonight. They question what kind of mental state Seth Rollins will be in following the heinous beating he recieved on Raw from Brock Lesnar. They reckon Seth could be so focused on Brock tonight that he overlooks Corbin and loses the title.

They talk Kofi Vs. Dolph next, and Otunga says Ziggler is salty. He says Kofi is a working class hero and Dolph will never understand that. Phoenix says she has known both men for a long time but Dolph is very bitter and it’s spoiling his talent. She says it will be a volatile situation, that Dolph is dangerous but Kofi will come prepared.

The Demon will face Andrade tonight with the Intercontinental Championship. We see a video package that is all about Finn Balor’s alter ego. The panel remind us that The Demon is undefeated on the main roster and is likely to stay that way.

We see Seth Rollins bandaged backstage with Byron Saxton. He asks the Champion how he’s feeling, and Seth says not good but it is what it is. Rollins says he claimed he would be a fighting Champion and he came here to do just that. He says he is not overlooking Baron Corbin, tonight he’s going to beat him, then turn his attention to Brock.

A long video package plays for the Orton/Triple H match. The panel discuss their storied rivalry and Phoenix reminisces about the time they main evented WrestleMania. Otunga says this one could go either way.

We see a tale-of-the-tape for Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley, showcasing their height, weight, chest size, arm size, and bench press. The big-up the scale of this match, and wonder if the ring will be able to contain it. Phoenix says she knows what it’s like to be the bigger person in the locker room, it’s a good thing because it sets you apart, but it leads to showdowns like this one.

They talk Shane McMahon Vs. Roman Reigns. Otunga says Shane is crazy if he thinks he’s making Roman tap out tonight. And truth be told, Drew will be doing the heavy-lifting – he compares Shane to Drake being athe annoying cheerleader at the Raptors games.

We still have a match to come on the Kick-Off Show, and there’s 15 minutes left. And finally we see a video package for The Undertaker Vs. Goldberg. An impressive video package considering the two have only been face-to-face once. Otunga reckons tonight’s Goldberg will be the best Goldberg we’ve ever seen. Phoenix says Goldberg’s whole schtick is winning matches quickly but the Deadman is the hardest person to keep down in WWE history, so if the match goes long it favours The Undertaker.

The Uso’s make their entrance, followed by The Revival. The announcers point out that it’s 102Β° Fahrenheit, which is about 40Β° Celsius.

The Uso’s Vs. The Revival

We start with Scott Dawson and one of the Uso’s. After an uppercut, a tag is made to Jimmy or Jey, then the two of them hit a back body drop to Dawson, before superkicking Wilder and tossing them both from the ring.

On the oustide, The Uso’s chop Dash and Dawson before bringing them back in. The Revival hit a double team sequence on Jimmy Uso to regain control. Wilder is the legal man and he stomps on Jimmy before tagging Dawson back in. A “let’s go Uso’s” chant fires-up. Dawson knocks Jimmy from the ring with an elbow, and Wilder beats him on the outside.

Suplex for a two count from Dawson. Wilder tags back in and taunts Jey, but then is caught with an enziguiri from Jimmy. Tags made to both Dawson and Jey. Uso drops Dawson over and over with clotheslines and uppercuts, as well as a Samoan drop. Jey hits a running hip attack in the corner for a two count. A back elbow from Dawson floors Jey, then Scott grabs Jimmy in a piledriver position and Wilder goes up top, but Jey comes back and knocks Wilder to the floor. Jey hits a crossbody to Dawson for a two count.

Jey looks for a Samoan drop to Dawson but he escapes and shoves him to the ropes. Jey catches Dawson in a small package but Wilder distracted the referee. Dawson gets out and hits Jey with a spinebuster for a two count. Jey counters a back suplex from The Revival and tags Jimmy. Superkicks to both Dash and Dawson several times over for the win.

Winners: The Uso’s

We return to the panel so that they can rundown the entire card once more, and that’s the end of the the Kick-Off Show.