WWE Super ShowDown Results – June 7, 2019

A handful of Superstars got an entrance but most didn’t. Elias was the last out and he sang a song on his way to the ring but Miz hopped out and dragged him into the ring.

50-Man Battle Royal

The match gets underway and it’s just a mess. There’s so many men in the ring, one or two being eliminated every 30 seconds. We’ll start actually covering it when it gets down to like 10, or if something noteworthy happens before then.

Horrible battle royal match. Way too long and boring. There was one cool spot in which Heavy Machinery, The Viking Raiders, and The Author’s of Pain were all standing together in the ring. They all began brawling and it ended with the Viking Raiders eliminating the others.

And we’re down to eight; Cesaro, Miz, Ricochet, Robert Roode, Ali, Samoa Joe, Elias, and Middle Eastern Mansoor. The Miz eliminates Robert Roode before kicking Cesaro and Elias with the It Kicks. Cesaro tosses Miz over the ropes but he lands on his feet on the apron. Elias then runs and connects with a leaping knee to elimiante Miz.

And we’re down to six. Mansoor attacks Samoa Joe, who turns the tables and unloads headbutts. Ali connects with a dropkick to Elias, then he and Elias team to take-out Cesaro with springboards. Samoa Joe then knocks them both down and throws Ali over but he lands on his feet. Ricochet tries to tip Joe over but gets a right hand for his effort. Joe throws Ricochet over, landing beside Ali. Ricohet and Ali team to pull Joe over and out.

They marvel at their handiwork too long though, because Cesaro knocks them both off and out. Mansoor then throws Cesaro over, much to the delight of the crowd. Elias attacks Mansoor from behind, then taunts the fans. Mansoor connects with a big superkick and tries to throw Elias over but can’t. Elias tosses him onto the apron, but Mansoor ducks his head between Elias’ legs and flips him over and out!

Winner: Mansoor

Cheap as it may seem to have him win the match, the fans in Jeddah all but lost their minds with that finish. Easily the biggest reaction of the night. Mansoor celebrates his giant win with the fans and Ali even stops to shake his hand.

Mansoor is interviewed in the ring by Byron Saxton – who calls this “the most prestigious battle royal in WWE history.” He says he doesn’t have the words to explain how big of a deal this is for him and his people. He says one year ago he was in this arena, watching the battle royal. Then he was a rookie with a dream, a dream to represent his country all over the world, and tonight his dream came true. He then speaks in Arab before leaving.