Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Dustin Rhodes – Refusing to Face Cody Again, How Sexuality Made The Goldust Character Work, Thinking He Killed Roddy Piper During Backlot Brawl, More!

He was always hesitant to push the boundaries sexually with the character, but one night he was working a match with Savio Vega who urged him to open up during their match. Goldust finally agreed and did a few sexual acts in the ring and when Vega would respond angrily the fans would erupt. After failing to receive a reaction from fans during the character’s first few months, now he had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

After the match was over McMahon approached him in the back and told him how much he loved it. He told Goldust to go back out and attack Vega again, knowing full well that when they returned to the city again they’d sell out with this feud. That’s exactly what happened.

Jericho notes that McMahon used to be so hands-on with the talent, giving them crazy, unique ideas which always seemed to work. Dustin agrees, noting that McMahon would be very approachable back then. He was one of the boys and seemed to always be happy.

Jericho and Dustin both agree that it was very strange for them to work at Double for Nothing. They’re so accustomed to working stadium shows in the United States for Vince McMahon and WWE, so seeing AEW logos all around the building was quite a shock.

Dustin adds that it was so cool for him to see Cody wearing the producer’s headset that day, directing people and leading talent. He also says he felt Dusty in the rafters during their match that night, and it was like he was holding Dusty’s hand throughout the bout because they could do no wrong in the ring.