Tyler Breeze is back in NXT, but that isn’t a bad place for him. The main roster didn’t treat him well at all and now he is able to really spread his wings in NXT once again.

His match against Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver: XXV was impressive and proved that he can still deliver in the ring. Click here if you want full results from the latest NXT TakeOver event.

As Triple H spoke about Breeze following NXT TakeOver: XXV’s conclusion, he said that Breeze earned a lot of respect with this move. However, in no way is this considered a demotion at all.

“I think it cemented his legacy, but I think it also earned Tyler Breeze the respect of a young man called Velveteen Dream he looked at [Tyler Breeze] and said: ‘You’re not walking back in here, this is a different place now, this is my house. You are not taking my spot.’ Tyler said, ‘I’m coming back and going to take what I want.’ In the end, they earned each other’s respect.”

“It was a lateral move for Tyler Breeze. It wasn’t calling him up or sending him down. It was him going to a place where he can do his thing as good as anyone else in the world. I think they both earned each other’s respect and realized that this is the place to be.”

“People have asked if this was a one-off for Tyler Breeze? It is not. I think Tyler Breeze took the first step back to being gorgeous and this was just the beginning.”

We will have to see what happens next for Tyler Breeze in NXT. He is obviously happy to be back and with all of those things that comes with a return to the WWE Performance Center.

Breeze shouldn’t think of this as a demotion at all because WWE’s five working brands are set up so Superstars can switch around in order to become more well-rounded entertainers.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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