Jon Moxley let his WWE contract expire and then he was suddenly no longer Dean Ambrose and able to work where ever he wants. Obviously he picked everywhere other than WWE as he is now with AEW and NJPW.

Dean Ambrose Contract

Dean Ambrose managed to get out of his WWE contract in a unique fashion, Moxley worked Vince McMahon into believing that he just needed some time off, allowing his WWE contract to expire without renewal. Vince McMahon was livid about this when he found out that Moxley had actually signed with “Cody Rhodes’ pissant company.”

Ambrose was out for nearly a year with an injury that just experienced more complications and he almost died from a staph infection. WWE is known to tack on more time to WWE contracts due to missed months off of television due to injury or whatever reason, but they didn’t do it with him.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio why WWE didn’t tack on more time to Jon Moxley’s contract.

“Cause the thing is with the guys that they freeze you know with Daniel Bryan they knew he was going to New Japan and they didn’t want him there because they knew that he could be a difference maker so they’re gonna freeze. With Pac they froze him because of the way he quit he walked out of his contract and they wanted to send a message. With Mysterio they didn’t want him going to Lucha Underground at the time even though he eventually did.”

“I think they thought [Moxley] was going to do some indie stuff. I don’t think they thought he was going to AEW. I just think they thought he was so miserable that he was just going to do a few [indie dates] — you know what I mean?”

“Also, he had friends in high places and maybe they didn’t want to upset his friends especially since Roman Reigns is a real good friend of his.”

WWE was under the impression that Jon Moxley just needed to take some time off. Vince McMahon thought that he had successfully burned Mox out completely.

Little did he realize that Jon was just tired of working for WWE.

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