Road Dogg’s New Role In WWE Revealed

Road Dogg is no longer the co-head writer of SmackDown Live after resigning from his post. It took a little bit of time to figure out a new place for Road Dogg in WWE, but it appears he found a proper home in NXT.

It is reported that Road Dogg was getting frustrated with all of the creative changes that Vince McMahon was making to SmackDown Live every week after he put so much work into the show. He isn’t the only one who is frustrated with Vince McMahon’s tendency to tear up scripts just before showtime either so he decided to step down from his position without leaving the company.

PW Insider reports that Road Dogg is now working full-time on the NXT brand. His exact role was not specified although he was spotted during the NXT combine. He started working at the WWE Performance Center recently and his official job appointment has been reportedly confirmed.

He quit his previous role on the blue brand last month following WrestleMania and D-Generation X’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction. It turns out that he didn’t have to wait long for them to figure out a suitable role for him in the company.