AEW Double Or Nothing Results – May 25th 2019

Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida, Riho & Ryo Mizunami

This was a fast-paced match and everyone worked on their own without a lot of tandem moves. They are all individual workers in their home promotion so the only allegiance was as part of this match.

This was a fast-paced match until Aja Kong toon a tag and started punishing Ryo. Ryo took a piledriver, but her partners were able to make the save.

Then Yuka took a tag, but Ryko hit a double stomp to her stomach and then she tagged in Riho who started running hot for a bit until she cleared the ring except for the legal women.

Riho dopped Yuka on the back of her head and then nailed a stiff lariat before Ryo took the tag. Then Kong got a tag too and she didn’t play well with Ryo as she nailed her with a kick when Ryo came down from the top rope.

Kong missed an elbow off the top and then Shida took the tag. They brought weapons into the match where Kong got a small trashcan and Shida got a kendo stick. Kong won out with a can shot to the head.

Sakura took a tag and got the crowd pumped with some “We Will Rock You” stomping and clapping before she started, but it didn’t last long as Ryo jumped in and nailed a knee and then hit a suplex in from the apron.

Jim Ross said he had no idea who is legal and it doesn’t matter. This match was chaos as there was a kickout at two, but the bell rang and music started, but the referee had to hold up the two count. Then Shida finall won with a running knee after the crowd was finished chanting “you f*cked up” because of the messy nearfall.

Winners: Hikaru Shida, Riho & Ryo Mizunami

Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes

Here we go.

Cody Rhodes’ entrance included unveiling a throne. Then Cody Rhodes got a sledge hammer out from under the ring and destroyed it! Wow.

This match got off to a slow start with a ton of fan chants for every one involved. Then Cody hit a suicide dive to the outside and they started getting busy on the outside. Dustin sold for Cody and then he spun around and kicked Cody only to hit his own senton off the apron.

They battled in the crowd and moved back inside. Cody his a gutbuster from a torture rack and a few more moves before Dustin mounted a comeback. Dustin then set Cody up for the Golden Globes, but Cody took off the middle turnbuckle as Earl Hebner stopped the dick kick. Dustin tossed the turnbuckle pad into the crowd and then he ran in and took a face to the exposed turnbuckle.

Dustin went outside and Brandi hit him with a spear. Hebner got in her face and ejected AEW’s Chief Brandi Officer. Brandi didn’t want to leave so DDP came out to carry Brandi off.

Dustin Rhodes used this time to blade because he was bleeding all over the place at that point. So there you go. Blood is going to be in AEW because there was a lot of it.

Cody wiped some blood off the mat outside and smeared it on his chest before getting back inside. Cody kept beating on Dustin and there was a ton of blood. It was like Goldy was bleeding to make up for all of those years where he couldn’t.

Dustin returned fire off of a crossbody block to the outside with a powerslam for a two count and then Cody locked on a figure four. This was a bloody mess and blood was pouring from Dustin’s head in a big way literally spouting from his forehead when he raised up.

Dustin hit an atomic drop and then he took off Cody’s weight belt, pulled down his tights and tried to spank him, but Cody got away. Dustin returned with a code red for a bloody two count.

It looked like a murder took place from the red on the mat and the crowd was super into it.

They continued and Cody kicked out of a Cross Roads. Cody hit a low blow and a Disaster Kick followed by a Cross Rhodes for a two count and the bleeding didn’t stop.

Then Dustin hit a heatbutt and another Cross Rhodes for a two count. There was blood on everyone including all over Earl Hebner and it all belonged to Dustin Rhodes.

“This is awesome” chants broke out as they continued to fight.

Then Dustin hit his uppercut and Cody nailed a bicycle kick followed by a running knee from Dustin for a two count because he couldn’t get to the pin fast enough. “Fight forever” chants broke out next.

This is what Goldust and Stardust were capable of.

Then Cody planted Dustin on the back of his neck, but he couldn’t get to the pin as Earl Hebner started to count to 10, but Cody stopped him. Then Cody hit another Cross Roads for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Then Cody Rhodes came back after the match and told Dustin that he doesn’t get to retire because he had a favor to ask. Then he said that he has a partner of his choosing at Fight For The Fallen and that man is Dustin vs The Young Bucks.

It looks like that’s the match at Fight For The Fallen.

Bret Hart came out next to introduce the All Elite World Title.

Then Bret Hart introduced Hangman Page because he won the Battle Royale. MJF walked out next and he was in all Burberry looking smug while getting “asshole” chants. Then MJF faked Bret Hart out by saying a fan was coming at him. Hart cracked a smile at that one.

MJF talked about shooting a horse (because Hangman is a horse) and then he told Hangman to give up his title shot. MJF started to call himself the best there is, was, and ever will be, but he stopped and said that catchphrase sucks. Page went at MJF and then Jungle Boy came out in full gear.

MJF tried to leave and then Jimmy Havoc walked out to block Friedman in. MJF took some shots and then Jungle Boy choked MJF with the scarf and led him off as Bret Hart revealed the new title.