WWE Raw Results – May 20, 2019

Back from the break and out comes Mrs. Foley’s baby boy! Foley comes to the ring with the new title belt in hand.

Foley says he wants to get right to the point and talk about the title on his shoulder. There’s been something missing from Monday Night RAW for a while now: it’s time to revisit the letters R-A-W. It’s time to make Monday night RAW again. The fans cheer. For those superstars looking to step up, it takes a lot to be a champion in WWE. It’s not something you just defend. Championship titles are something you breathe, think about, covet, love, and sacrifice a few teeth and an ear. That’s how a legend is born. It consumes your life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With that being said, he introduces the reveals the new 24/7 Championship. A dark green belt with 24/7 etched on it.

The crowd boos. Foley says the falls can take place anywhere, even out of the ring. The third hour of RAW every week will have a title match open to anyone from any roster. Now they’ll have a championship scramble. Whoever grabs the championship is the inaugural champion. Foley lays the belt down in the ring and leaves.

A mass of B-level Superstars run down the ramp brawling with each other. No one can get into the ring. Eventually Titus O’Neil and Drake Maverick are in the ring and Titus just grabs it to become the inaugural champion. O’Neil celebrates on the ramp before being rolled up by Robert Roode. Roode is now the 24/7 Champion. Roode runs off without the title. OK then.

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We see Robery Roode running around backstage with the title, panicking. He hides behind some production boxes and all the other wrestlers run past screaming. Roode then emerges and runs the opposite way.

Drew McIntyre and Shane make their way to the ring. So Shane really is in two feuds at once. The apron is just black with red RAW written on it, and the Titantron is also just black. It’s a darker, more classic look and I’m digging it.

The Miz Vs. Drew McIntyre W/Shane McMahon

The bell rings and Drew takes Miz down with a slam, then chops him around the ring. McIntyre whips Miz into the corner, then looks for a suplex but Miz reverses with a jawbreaker. Miz kicks Drew, then suckers him over the ropes.

Miz slides through Drew’s legs and out of the ring, then yanks Drew’s leg and he hits the apron. Miz whips Drew’s leg into the barricade, then tosses him back into the ring. Miz looks for a sunset flip pin but Drew shrugs him off. Drew tosses Miz to the corner, but the A-Lister fires back. Miz runs and hits Drew with a corner clothesline but Drew was unfazed and retaliates with a belly-to-belly.

Drew hits Miz with an impressive deadlift suplex. He then tries to suplex Miz over the ropes and to the floor but Miz lands on his feet and tries to sunset flip him onto the floor. He can’t get him, so Miz just swipes McIntyre’s leg again and he collapses. McIntyre tosses Miz into the barricade, then slams him down on top of it. McIntyre suplexes Miz from the crowd side of the barricade to the floor as we head for a break.

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We return to see Miz and McIntyre on the top rope, and Miz is able to throw him across the ring. Miz unloads on Drew, forcing him to the corner. Miz hits the It Kicks, followed by running knees in the corner. McIntyre runs at Miz, misses, and hits the ring post. Miz connects with the corner clothesline, properly this time, and follows up with a springboard double axe handle for a two count.

Miz hits more It Kicks but misses the last one and Drew lifts him up for a powerbomb, but Miz hits a hurricanrana! Drew then grabs Miz and hits the inverted Alabama Slam for a near-fall. Miz starts kicking the bad leg of Drew, before looking for the Figure Four Leg Lock. Drew kicks Miz off and through the ropes where Shane punches him. Drew looks to capitalise with a spinebuster but Miz kicks out.

McIntyre looks for the Claymore Kick but Miz dodges and gets Drew in the Figure Four. McIntyre chops the chest of Miz until he releases the hold. Miz tosses Drew out of the ring and hits a dropkick through the ropes. Miz turns his attention to Shane, who turns and runs through the crowd. McIntyre tried to catch Miz off guard but Miz dodged him. Miz gets Drew back in the ring but Shane attacks Miz from behind. Shane sends Miz into the ring, where Drew hits a Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

That was a surprisingly great match. Miz has really stepped it up. Shane grabs the microphone after the match and says he said he was done with Miz, but he has one final gift. He instructs Drew to put Miz in the corner, then gets on the top rope for the Coast to Coast. Before he can jump, Roman Reigns comes out and hits McIntyre with the Superman Punch. Shane and Drew retreat.

We see Corbin and Lashley standing backstage talking. Robert Roode runs into them, then looks around panicking, and runs off. Drake Maverick then runs up and into Corbin. He apologises, then takes off again.

Charly Caruso interviews Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston. She asks them about their opponents tonight, to which they say they aren’t taking Corbin and Lashley lightly. Seth jokes that nobody in the world likes Corbin. She asks who they think Lesnar will cash-in on, and Kofi says it doesn’t matter, because he’ll be ready regardless. He does the hip grinding as he says he is the Champion, then asks Seth why he didn’t grind. Seth laughs and walks off.

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Samoa Joe cuts a promo, in which he says he clearly did not lose the match last night. And if Rey Mysterio is the man he thinks he is, and wants to set an example for his son, then he will defend his title against him. Otherwise, Joe will have to set an example all on his own.

We see Robert Roode running out of the arena, trying to get into a car trunk with the help of R-Truth. He hops in and all the wrestlers come running out looking for him. Truth sends them running in the opposite direction, then helps Roode out of the trunk. Roode opens the car door and there’s a referee sitting in the passenger seat. Roode looks confused, then Truth smacks his head off of the car and pins him. R-Truth is the new 24/7 Champion.

Kofi Kingston makes his entrance. He’s teaming with Seth Rollins in the main event, with Brock Lesnar waiting in the wings.

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It’s announced that this match is now no-DQ!

No-Disqualification Match

Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston Vs. Bobby Lashley & Baron Corbin

As Seth is making his entrance, Corbin attacks him from behind! Kofi runs up the ramp to help but Lashley grabs him and slams him into the LED wall. Corbin brings Seth down to the ring and throws him inside.

The bell rings – for the second time – to start the match and Corbin connects with Deep Six but Kofi breaks up the pin. Lashley throws Kofi from the ring, then into the barricade. Corbin punches Rollins around the ring but Seth connects with an enziguiri and tags Kofi.

Kingston comes in at the same time as Lashley and takes him down before hitting a boom drop. Kofi readies for Trouble In Paradise but has to stop to hit Corbin. Kofi kicks Lashley, then hits a springboard crossbody but Corbin breaks it up. Corbin is tagged and they take Kofi out of the ring. They toss Kofi into the barricade, followed by Seth Rollins.

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We return to see Corbin punch Rollins in the ring, while Lashley is choking Kofi on the outside. Corbin runs at Seth but gets caught with a Slingblade. Seth then hits a suicide dive to Corbin but is caught in mid-air and chokeslammed onto the apron. Corbin runs Rollins and throws him into a chair in the timekeepers area. Corbin then buries Seth under a load of chairs.

Lashley hits Kofi with a shoulder tackle in the ring, then place him on the top rope. They look to double-team superplex Kofi but Rollins comes in and beats them both with a chair. Rollins hits Corbin with an enziguiri, followed by a springboard knee. He takes out Lashley with a kick as well, before superkicking both of them. Rollins stomps up the band but Lashley drags him out of the ring. Lashley then tries to take Kofi out of the ring but botches the spot, then just repeats it like a goon.

Both Corbin and Lashley are sent outside, where Seth hits them with a suicide dive, followed by a leap of faith by Kingston. Kofi gets Corbin back in the ring and hits Trouble In Paradise for the win!

Winners: Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins

After the match, Lashley hits both Kofi and Seth with Spears. He grabs a chair and looks to beat them with it as well but Kofi ducks and Seth kicks the chair into his face.

Brock then comes down to the ring with Heyman. Seth and Kofi stand tall in the ring, Seth with a chair. Lesnar circles the ring and feigns getting in. He doesn’t however, then Heyman tells him to just wait, to come back next week and announce who he’s chasing. So Brock and Heyman leave.

That’s it for tonight’s Raw. Let us know what you thought and be sure to come back tomorrow for more wrestling news and results. Until then, safe travels!