Jim Ross Does NOT Approve Of WWE’s ‘Wild Card Title’

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Jim Ross is now working for AEW, but he is still very aware of what is going on in WWE. The company he used to call home is going to introduce a new title tonight and JR doesn’t seem to approve.

Dave Meltzer reports that WWE will be introducing a new “Wild Card Title” tonight on Raw. Mick Foley will do the honors of bringing the new title out, but we have no idea what it looks like yet.

It might not matter to Jim Ross what the new WWE title looks like because to him championships have lost a ton of importance.

Titles have never meant less in pro wrestling at least in my career than they do now.

Good ‘ole JR was commenting on Lance Storm bringing to the IWC’s attention that WWE currently has 11 championships and 14 people with title belts on the main roster. That is a lot of gold hanging around, but it could also be so many titles that WWE has simply lost track.

If the Wild Card Title really is introduced tonight then that will make a dozen titles with 15 champions on WWE’s main roster brands.

WWE already has so many championships that they can’t even defend them all on every pay-per-view. Let’s just approach this situation with an open mind, but Jim Ross made a very excellent point.

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