Braun Strowman Says He’s In WWE ‘For The Long Haul’

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Braun Strowman might not be getting pushed at all times, but at least he remains on television which is a lot more than some people can say. Therefore, he has no intentions on leaving.

The Monster Among Men considers WWE his home and he was shoved into the spotlight with only a few matches under his belt. After growing up as a wrestler in front of millions there is no other place he wants to be other than WWE.

While speaking to The Daily Star, Strowman was asked about possibly leaving WWE. His answer was quite clear because he’s with the company for the long haul.

“I am here for the long haul, I have no plans of leaving or going anywhere anytime soon. I love the WWE and the things they have done for me and my family, and I love the support of the fans. You are gonna see many more years of the monster causing destruction.”

WWE is a great place for Braun Strowman and he knows how much money he can obviously make at this point. Vince McMahon wouldn’t let someone with his size and ability go anyway, but it’s nice to know that Strowman has no intentions of taking off either.

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