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Stephanie McMahon Held Backstage Meeting Before Money In The Bank Addressing AEW

AEW is soon going to be on TNT and this is a fact that WWE has not ignored. In fact, the company even seems to know what day of the week AEW’s upcoming television show will be on.

F4W Online reports that Stephanie McMahon held a backstage meeting before Money In The Bank. During that time, she discussed many subjects including AEW.

It was said that this meeting was “the same rah-rah type speech they do from time-to-time,” however they did address All Elite Wrestling as competition. Stephanie McMahon was trying to push WWE’s brand in a big way and also put over the company’s social media presence.

She made a point to mention WWE’s 1 billion social media followers even if they had to pad those numbers in a huge way. It really is brilliant how they pulled that one off.

Stephanie McMahon also “said that they are having to compete with video games, movies, other streaming services as well as now AEW.” This should be notable because although the company has held these “let’s go team” meetings backstage before they have never mentioned a rival pro wrestling company in the past.

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