E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Titus O’Neil – AEW’s New TV Deal, MITB PPV Predictions, O’Neil’s Talk With Lars Sullivan, More!

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Edge and Christian welcome Titus O’ Neil to the show.

Titus informs that he grew up poor and loved wrestling from a young age. He was separated from his mother at one point and lived in a boys ranch facility where he was often in trouble for bad behaviour. Some people suspected that he’d either be dead or in jail by 16, but one man believed in him and told him that there’s no such thing as a bad kid. Titus never forgot that and is using that line as the title for his upcoming book.

He started to accomplish things that people never saw coming. He finished high school and attended college on a sports scholarship. He played basketball and football throughout his schooling and although he liked basketball more, he knew football provided him a greater chance for future success.

He’s still grateful that his mother decided to have him even though she was in a dire situation and knew that she’d be raising a son on her own with limited income. He was given a chance to grow up to be a good man, and now he’s hoping to pass that on to the next generation. Given the position he’s in, he hopes to utilize every platform to spread positivity and create positive change for the world.

He notes that Lars Sullivan has been under attack lately for some things he said many years ago. Lars recently sought Titus out, along with other members of the WWE locker room, and asked for a chance to talk. They sat with each other for over 35 minutes, and Lars explained that he had no excuses but just wants to become a better man.

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