Austin Aries Fires Back Over Rumor That He Refuses To Put Opponents Over

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Austin Aries left Impact Wrestling after he dropped the Impact World Title to Johnny Impact. This was an instance of Aries putting his opponent over, but the rumor is still out there that A Double doesn’t like to do the job.

Pac is not working the AEW Double Or Nothing event because he doesn’t want to lose. This put AEW in a difficult situation, so they had the match last night instead.

One fan tweeted out a rather humorous quip about Aries and Pac. If it were true then it would be even funnier, but the comment seemed to irk Austin Aries as this fan said: “So would @BASTARDPAC vs @AustinAries literally “fight forever” since both have a problem with putting anyone over?”

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived saw this tweet because he is a real human who looks at his mentions on Twitter. Needless to say, he wasn’t going to just let this comment remain unanswered.

You must know something about me that I don’t, or you’re another internet knowitall who bases his conclusions on second hand gossip.

Your claim about me here has literally never happened in my career. So please elaborate with facts (you don’t have) or kindly “f*ck off forever” 

This just goes to show that sometimes a reputation can follow you and get drastically blown out of proportion. A Double really wanted to make sure that point was made.

For the record, Austin Aries has lost matches and so has Pac. Fun fact: Pac’s last loss was against Enzo Amore in WWE. At least Aries put over Johnny Impact and dropped his title more recently.

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