Virgil Sends Out Extremely Strange Message About What’s On His Mind

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Virgil might be famous for being lonely, but he has plenty of thoughts to keep him company.

The former WWE Superstar recently sent out a picture of himself flashing the middle finger, but it was what he actually wrote that has the IWC scratching their heads.

We’re not 100% sure what Virgil was trying to say in the recent Instagram message. He certainly had a chance to say a lot. He had a message for his haters, doubters, pretenders, try-harders, followers, wannabes, posers, anti Golden Girls lovers, and anti Broadway jazz hands lovers. So he was addressing quite large sampling of people when he told them to “kiss his black ass and get your own life.”

From MDMA to waking up with a bathroom full of mustard, Virgil had his own special kind of motivation to impart on his fans or whoever else he was trying to address.

“Just a reminder for all the haters, doubters, pretenders, try Harders, followers, wannabes, posers, anti golden girl lovers, and anti Broadway jazz hands lovers to kiss my black ass and get a life for your life. Wake up and be disturbed. Wake up asking if Keyser Soze is really Virgil. Wake up and ask what label I am wearing. Wake up knowing I was casted to be the Incredible Hulk but turned it down due to wearing sunscreen. Wake up knowing my burps are full of moutain due and meatsauce AKA MDMA. Wake up to wake me up before you go go. Wake up and feel agony. Wake up and have a purpose. Wake up in a bathroom full of mustard. Wake up with a desire. Wake up with a reason. Wake up to feel the earths beauty. Wake up having something on your mind. WHATS MINE? Simple. Getting that ponderosa nervosa lil uzi old town road f*ck money as if my mission in life is to not care about gettting free refills at Taco Bell Tuesday’s. I’m about to free pour my Mountain Dew and buy two cups. One for me. One for my money. GO GET IT. Find it. Take it. Make it. The love I have for all of you will never be as much as it is me for myself so let’s get the cake that The lord baked so we can make it flourish with meat sauce all the way to the bones baby!!”

It might take a team of detectives to figure out what Virgil meant. We don’t have time to decipher all of the secret meanings and hidden treasures he might have been trying to allude to.

Therefore, we leave it up to you awesome readers of Ringside News… what do you think Virgil meant. We can’t wait to read your comments.

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