Dinner With the King Recap – AEW Signs With TNT, FOX Wants WWE Top Stars, Will Lawler Be on WWE Programming More? More!

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Lawler points out that FOX paid a billion dollars for Smackdown as well, so it’s no surprise that they reportedly want WWE’s top stars on the blue brand. Some fans point out that NXT stars could help the roster but Lawler points out that NXT Superstars aren’t at the calibre of someone like John Cena or Ronda Rousey in terms of drawing in a casual audience.

He points out that even WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston, is probably not recognizable to the casual audience, and probably wouldn’t be known outside of WWE’s 2 million hardcore viewers. FOX, having spent so much money for Smackdown, wants to attract casuals and raise the viewership from that 2 million number.

Moore notes that WWE probably implemented the Wildcard Rule as a way to get stars on both brands, and this could even signal the sign of the end of the brand split. Lawler points out that the brand split was initiated by Vince McMahon to create competition within his own company, but he doesn’t think the fans ever really bought into that.

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